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Woodstock - As It Happened - 50 Years On

#xpnstock WXPN Woodstock 50th Anniversary WXPN presents Woodstock — As It Happened — 50 Years On! “Tune in to the radio exclusive starting Thursday August 15 at 5:07 PM.

Reconstructing History

Woodstock History Reconstructing History: Listen to Woodstock Archivist Andy Zax in conversation with XPN’s Dan Reed

jmcasajmcasa - Beach + #Woodstock50thAnniversary thanks to #XPNstock ... heavenly pic.twitter.com/vz0ulSt4Mq -

cpamousecpamouse - #xpnstock Got to hear my 17 year old sister in law's name called out from the stage. Fifty years ago. Time we hardly ever knew you -

1Cwlane1Cwlane - In case anyone is interested. Live At Woodstock. #xpnstock #Woodstock50 pic.twitter.com/bsVmvj358X -

tina_preistina_preis - Enjoying the hits of 1969 as I pedal along (tired and hungry in solidarity #XPNStock ), scaring people with my singing #XPN5050 pic.twitter.com/3STMW6UX89 -

wxpnfmwxpnfm - The Famous 56 WFIL Boss Jocks #XPN5050 #XPNStock pic.twitter.com/BqbVZ5TrIK -

wxpnfmwxpnfm - We hope you’re enjoying todays #XPN5050 with @DavidRDye - rocking the top hits from 1969 on “Famous 56.” At 2pm today we go back to the farm with the Woodstock set from Joe Cocker #xpnstock pic.twitter.com/Ecrl2UJCF8 -

wxpnfmwxpnfm - The Orange #XPNStock pic.twitter.com/blLYVji6hi -

wxpnfmwxpnfm - It's 5:00 a.m. EST - @TheWho performs at #Woodstock in 1969. Tune in as it happened - 50 years On. www.xpn.org #XPNstock : Henry Diltz pic.twitter.com/eJOQGRZf8w -

nprmusicnprmusic - Hear Sly & the Family Stone's Woodstock performance courtesy of @wxpnfm 's Woodstock – As It Happened – 50 Years On. n.pr/2KLqFOE #XPNStock -

1Cwlane1Cwlane - July 18, 1969 (with Snooky on sax). #xpnstock #Woodstock50 pic.twitter.com/fUQyS2GDSi -

wxpnfmwxpnfm - “You guys know more than two songs?” LOL. #xpnstock @andyzax you were right. it was worth it. -

carynrosecarynrose - the ramones could play a full set in the time it's taking the dead to get through lovelight #xpnstock -

andyzaxandyzax - Dear #xpnstock listeners: very soon now, you will be wondering: “Do I really need to sit through all 39 minutes of this ‘Turn On Your Lovelight?’” Let me assure you that the heckler about 45 seconds after it finishes will make everything seem worthwhile. @wxpnfm @theericschuman -

wxpnfmwxpnfm - Mountain be like... #xpnstock #woodstock50 pic.twitter.com/hByEC6s5rP -

DanColonDanColon - I am literally sitting in my living room, incense burning, TV off, and I’m listening to Woodstock on the radio. Thank you, @wxpnfm , for this excellent programming. You’re the reason I’m still in love with radio. #XPNStock -

MichonneMichonne - Legitimately, someone please write a book giving the background and resolution of all stage announcements from Woodstock. I really need to know if these people all found each other, got their medicine, got home for emergencies, etc. #xpnstock -

charles45047charles45047 - August 15, 1969 was the Friday I drove my VW with some friends to Woodstock from West Simsbury, CT. Celebrated my 17th birthday there - digging the Woodstock broadcast this weekend from #xpnstock streaming to Studio City, CA. pic.twitter.com/YM9rAgoHvZ -

somekindahippiesomekindahippie - Outside. Now. Listening to Ravi Shankar from 50 years ago tonight at Woodstock. Are we under the same moon? #xpnstock pic.twitter.com/y2FaSCm2yT -

johnvettesejohnvettese - I’m at Philadelphia Folk Fest using my phone to message a person in Brazil who is having trouble using his computer to listen to a radio broadcast of a 50-year-old music festival, 2019 is cosmic. #XPNStock #PFF58 -

nprmusicnprmusic - It began 50 years ago today. And beginning tonight, our friends at @wxpnfm will livestream Woodstock as it happened. Beginning at 5:07 p.m. ET, hear a synchronized stream of archival Woodstock performances, presented in order. #XPNStock : n.pr/2MjkRyU -

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